Transparent Ang Bao




Breaking traditional design conventions of the red envelope, Transparent Ang Bao is a set of red packets made tinted and translucent, failing to conceal its monetary gift.


In Southeast Asian societies, red packets containing money are given during auspicious Chinese occasions, usually by the elder to the younger generation. 

As a gesture to bestow happiness and blessing on the receiver, it is a pity that the essence behind such tradition has slowly been twisted by Singapore’s seeming obsession with money. Transparent Ang Bao reduces the place of a red packet to a mere transaction between parties, revealing how many see these packets to contain gifts of money and simply that, often discounting the value of thought.

Frank and direct, the product prompts for a reconsideration of one’s attitude toward money, reminding users to count the relationships and not the dollars. Ultimately, it is the thought that counts.

Colour print on plastic transparency film
Edition of ten, set of four, each 8.0 x 15.5 (cm)
All work © Zeharn&Zeherng